About This Site

What is this site all about and why did I start it?

I have done a wide variety of things in my life.  I am a burn survivor (yes, more on that later…), a former Division I athlete, a retired teacher and coach. I have a master’s degree in education.  I have taken a 19′ boat from VA to FL (by water)!  I have renovated entire houses.  I have run a 24-hour relay (yes, you stay up all night and run a mile about every 45 minutes for 24 hours with a bunch of other crazy people).  I have biked a century (100 miles).  Yes, I have done a lot of crazy and unusually tiring stuff… But guess what?  The most tiring and toughest thing I have done is parent my own children!  And I don’t think I am alone…

I started this blog so moms (and dads, if they want to join us) can share, gripe, cry, help, solve and just realize there are others out there who are pretty worn out too.  Yes, we have our girlfriends, other mothers, and perhaps our own mothers to talk to, but sometimes I think we just need more heads to solve a parenting problem or just a way to vent or ask for help anonymously.  Sometimes we can just share funny stories that only another mom can appreciate.  We love our kids, but parenting is a tough job!

I have two boys, Carl and Wesley, who are 15 and 13.  They live with my husband and me in a northern Virginia suburb.  My husband and I have been married for 5 years and my former husband, Carl and Wesley’s dad, lives just 600 yards from us.  Despite our differences, we work pretty well together co-parenting our 2 boys.  I am a retired teacher and coach who now does freelance web work.  My husband is a retired fire officer who now owns a boat surveying business.  I think we are a pretty typical American family.  But that is enough about me!  You can get to know me well enough just by reading this site (Maybe more than you care to know!)

Feel free to share as long as you follow our rules on the home page.  I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with any suggestions you may have or if you would like to see a topic or be a guest blogger.  It’s a journey…

P.S.  This pic is a few years old, but I like being a cartoon! Pretty, cool, huh?AngeCropforCartoonHeadshot