Ditching the “Binky” What’s a Mom or Dad to Do??

In writing this, I know I am going to upset my ex-husband.  Don’t worry, upsetting him is okay, but to this day the way I ended my oldest son’s love affair with his pacifier makes him sad.  Bottom line:  I solved the problem instantly, so he can get over it.  (Plus our son is 14… Time to deal with it, Dad!)

“Pie-er.”  That is what my oldest son called his pacifier.  He was speaking at a young age, but when he wanted it, he would call out, “Pie-er, pie-er.”  We didn’t give it to him unless he was sleeping, but at night and at nap time, he wanted it.  I was reminded by my own mom that my pacifier was taken away at 3 months.  (What a witch! LOL!)  It was time for “pie-er” to go bye-bye.  But how?

I had read somewhere (probably a free parenting mag) about how cutting the nipple off the pacifier rendered it broken and unwanted by its addicted user.  That’s the ticket, I thought.  I am going to make that “pie-er” broken and unlovable.  That night, while my unsuspecting son was sleeping peacefully, I lopped the nipple off his beloved “pie-er” and pitched it back into his bed.  I waited…guarded and hopeful.

In the morning, my son woke up, excited to face a new day.  He picked up his beloved “pie-er” (we would usually have to take it in the morning when he tried to use it), started to put it into his mouth, then turned to his daddy and said, “Daddy, it’s broken.”

That’s it.  Done.  He never asked for it again and his dad has never forgiven me.  Dad could not handle the pitiful voice and the disappointment and I couldn’t wait to have a party.  Success!

Good thing neither one of them knew I had a huge stash of “pie-ers!”

I told my ex that I was writing this blog and his comments were, “You are evil” and “You messed him up.”  Cue the evil Vincent Price laugh!

Please share your failures, triumphs, and just plain ol’ funny stories of your binky drama.  Who knows?  You story may help someone just like the story I read helped me. 🙂

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