Fund Raising for Sports/Band/Clubs/School: When is Enough Enough?

I’m going to be honest.  I do not like fund raising.  Everywhere you go, people are trying to get you to sell something for your kids’ activities.

Is it worth half of my Saturday for my son to make $18 selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts for his travel baseball team?  It actually isn’t.  I would much rather stroke a check.

Is is worth it for my family to spend an afternoon and $30 at Chipotle for a team of 12 players to earn $300? Do the math.  It isn’t.  I would rather stroke a check.

It is worth it to subscribe to a bunch of magazines I don’t have time to read so my sons’ schools will get some money?  It isn’t.  I would rather stroke a check.

Is it worth it to sell my parents and friends horrible, overpriced popcorn for the Cub Scouts?  It isn’t.  I would rather stroke a check.

So why don’t I shut up and stroke a check already?

Many fund raisers do a very poor job at raising money.  That is true.  What the often ineffective fund raisers do, especially for extracurricular activities, is teach children to learn to work for what they want and not have everything handed to them.  They do not know that selling Krispy Kremes was a waste of our time and it would be easier to write a check for $18.  What they do know is that they worked hard and earned money to do their activity and have pride in doing so.  For that reason, we’ll keep selling.  (That being said, choosing fund raisers more effectively is the key to parental sanity and fund raising success.)

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